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Chemical Safety Assessments can be complex and time consuming. While Tier I models estimating exposure are available, should they be unable to show safe use, then refinement with more data or better assumptions is the only way forward. The Advanced REACH Tool (ART) version 1.5 incorporates a mechanistic model of inhalation exposure and a statistical facility to update the estimates with measurements selected from an in-built exposure database or the user’s own data. This combination of model estimates and data produces more refined estimates of exposure and reduced uncertainty.

The ART project has been conducted in close collaboration with a range of stakeholders from industry and member states. The use of ART for workers exposure assessment under REACH is described in ECHA’s updated Guidance on Information Requirements and chemical safety assessment.

ART is currently only calibrated to assess exposure to inhalable dust, vapours, and mists. However, for lack of suitable calibration data, ART can not (for the time being) be used for the assessment of fumes, fibres, gases, and dust resulting from emissions during hot metallurgical processes.

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